This is an example Notion doc. You can see the original doc here.

You can add links (like above), or any other text formatting that Notion offers.

How about an image?

There's a ton of Notion blocks supported by the Potion API:

Potion is really great!
— Me

( ^ that's a divider block! )

The one I'm most proud of: the Notion Equation block is supported, which allows you to write LaTeX!

a2+b2=c2a^2 + b^2 = c^2

Some things that aren't supported (yet)

  1. Indented paragraphs
  2. Indented list items
  3. Other types of embeds (Tweets, Figma, GitHub, etc)
  4. Video / Audio

If you use those blocks, they just won't show up on the page.